Ecologist, activist, entrepreneur, artist, teacher.

What’s an ecosystem?

What to call the echoes of love, if not love? Why add a system to it, as if it was so mechanical that we feel confined to be binary or dissonant? “Forever” searching for the meaning of consonating ourselves in perfect harmony with life and everything living.

For a long time, since Human, that I haven’t seen such a beautiful documentary. It’s about life itself and it’s about being alive.

The landscapes alone are incredible, and the filmmaking is very well done. I would love to know more about the trails, but I understand we don’t want tourism everywhere.

The Andes speak to me like a tide refreshes my toes. It’s a beautiful place of belonging to the Earth and understanding we all matter.

Recommendation: 5 ✨

On Netflix.

Matilde Magro

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