Ecologist, activist, entrepreneur, artist, teacher.

What’s an ecosystem?

What to call the echoes of love, if not love? Why add a system to it, as if it was so mechanical that we feel confined to be binary or dissonant? “Forever” searching for the meaning of consonating ourselves in perfect harmony with life and everything living.

Não quero ser pedra no caminho de ninguém,

ou adaptar o meu corpo ás vontades de alguém.

Não quero ser pau que bate no chão,

ou estar no caminho errado do que só-não,

Não quero ser voz que prega enganada,

nunca fui pessoa sem voz, engasgada e desgastada.

Não quero…

photo by Clark Young

Are you happy as you could be?

Be wild, fun, and free.

Being loving, love and all that be, feeling the trees, the bushes, the rivers, the pulses of others who love as much as they can possibly.

Are you happy as you could be?

Being wild, fun, and free?

Matilde Magro

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