Positives in a world that can seem dark.

My favorite english sentence: “If you’re a hammer, all you see is nails.”

I’ve been digging for the positive, and let me tell you, I rather not be a tool. Pun absolutely intended, quite literally in fact.

I follow a wonderful website called Beautiful News. It’s much better than following Trump’s temper tantrum at losing to the democratic process. In this website, we can see how honest of a work we’ve been doing as individuals and as a collective. To be quite frank, sometimes I tend to forget how to have the good sense of remembering this fact: We’ve been working for a long time for things to get better, and they are getting better.

The latest piece of good news on Beautiful News inspired me to write this piece:

It’s quite incredible how far we’ve come in so little time.

I’ve been reading wonderful books lately. I say reading, but they’ve been sitting there being browsed occasionally. I’ve been working a lot, so I haven’t been focusing much on that aspect of self-care. But a lot of these books speak about the colonization and decolonization hidden aspect of this society, and gives a broader sense of how things aren’t as bleak as we are paiting them collectively. There has been a lot of bad people doing bad things, that’s true, but in all history the majority is really comprised of good people doing good things, and this really needs to start being pointed out as something which is not in fact polarizing, but unifying — They say hope is the last to die, not in a bad sense, because somewhere along the way we realize eternity. You can quote me on that.

You can see how difficult it has been for some of us, and how other’s easyness has opened ways for a lot of people to thrive to better conditions of living.

One of these books is one called Blessed Unrest, and it says that today is living the largest social movement in the world to be taken into account that it has been quite a journey to get here.

A few years ago, I got the sense of adulthood. It was quite odd. One day I simply felt like the adult I am. Not that my inner child does not come out to play, if you read my last piece about the Chinese Temple Box and feeling like a 3 year old, you see how we can keep the youngness flame alive while being adults who change the world. Most recently, we’ve seen how the next generation has immense power to rebuild what previous generations have somehow missed the hope train. It’s quite interesting to note that in this new way of living we are facing now, everything changed all of a sudden. Did you notice?

The way we perceive life changed. We like living now and we do not want to self-destruct. Hope and eternity are at our reach.

It’s quite a beautiful sentiment and quite a beautiful journey we’ve been having, with all its ups and downs.

Some highlights of what people around the world in unity have been doing (activists, governments, Bill Gates, Social Justice Warriors, Facebook pages, social entrepreneurs and even those who just voice opinions):

Not even a very difficult period in history deterred the movement of people saving history. And that’s impressive!

Is your faith in humanity restored?

With love,




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